Thank you

Thank you

Dear friends and contributors,


We would like to thank you for having supported, participated and contributed to our project. Your support has enabled us to obtain further traction, interest and encouragement during the campaign. It  has allowed us to gain considerable media coverage and we have received an overwhelming amount of enquiries about the development of Recup Paris.


Unfortunately we have not been able to attain our crowdfunding objective. This would have allowed us to continue and carry out our original objectives and plans for the regeneration of Fort d’Aubervilliers. We are very grateful for your support and the manifestation of interest that you have brought to the project. While your contributions to the campaign will be refunded to you shortly, we invite and encourage you to get in touch with us if you would like to carry over your contribution directly to us. So if you are interested in an art piece of Fort Experience, please let us know. Also this will allow us to continue to work on the realisation of the project.


The campaign has been overwhelmingly positive and we remain optimistic about continuing this adventure. In which shape or form is something we are going to re-evaluate over the coming weeks. We will share our renewed vision with you as soon as possible. In the meantime, keep talking about us and sharing our work with those close around you. We will continue to keep you informed and updated via our website and social media.


We wish you a happy Christmas period and look forward to starting the new year with reinforced belief and energy.


Thank you.


The Recup Paris Team