Recup Spaces

Recup Paris develops and implements sustainable and creative solutions within the context of spatial waste. We identify and bring back to life abandoned spaces and carefully develop spatial strategies for these spaces. Always seeking ways of opening these spaces to the public, reviving while respecting the history and heritage of the space, giving these derelict locations a new lease of life around the topics of arts, culture, urban regeneration and sustainability.


Our first spaces are located at Fort d’Aubervilliers on the outskirts of Paris. Here we have the opportunity to work on unique spaces in a disused military fortress. Built in 1843, this currently largely dormant site is bursting with opportunities and legends. It is the home of our office and atelier and will allow us to host a variety of activities.


The spaces are also available for rent (for a day to a few days) for e.g. expositions, photo and video shoots, music performances, private parties and dinners as well as for workshops and team-building events.


Connect with us for inquiries.

Event organisation, Recuperation of spaces, Space programmation, Space rental