Recup Art

Along the course of history, art has proven to be an important vehicle for change, a great source of inspiration and powerful messenger. We aim to respect these qualities and to reflect these values in our work. To make a difference, to inspire and to communicate.


We make limited series of art pieces from recovered materials. Every art piece is unique and thoughtfully handmade in our atelier. Every series tells a story worth telling, transforming the forgotten.


Recently, we have recovered postal stamp collections that form the basis of our first art series. Stamps are one of those rare objects that have survived the passage of modern times and the changes that progress brings with it. They are a quirky revival medium that represent so much more than old men going through dusty albums with magnifying glasses and tweezers. Indeed they are objects that are deeply intertwined with our history and represent and symbolise many aspects of culture, politics, design, art, travel, geography and communication. Postal services everywhere are struggling to adapt to the changing world and ever increasing pace of communication and that is pushing postal stamps into redundancy. We want to give them a new life and meaning in our art pieces.


Contribute to our mission of Recover. Recover. Repeat. Visit our Store for available art pieces – For custom orders, please connect with us.