Recup Crafts

It is at the core of our mission to make a positive contribution to the waste problem and play our part in the circular economy. We believe that many discarded materials and objects still have considerable life in them or a story worth telling. At Recup Paris, we transform these abandoned materials into desirable objects, thereby prolonging their life and showing what is possible.


We make:

  • Handcrafted art frames from locally sourced wood to showcase our art and for custom orders. We also offer a series of frames in our Store.
  • Tailor-made furniture for homes and gardens.
  • Interior solutions for stores, cafes, restaurants and hotels.
  • Other desirable objects including the Tumbler, our mobile fire pit made from recovered washing machine drums (expected this autumn).


Contribute to our mission of Recover. Recover. Repeat. Visit our Store for available items – For custom orders or series, connect with us.