Development of our workshop

During the first half of 2016, we have transformed an old military space located at the historical Fort d’Aubervilliers, into our headquarters and atelier. The space is one of a serie of 26 casemates (bunkers) on the side facing the front.  These casemates have been used over the years for various purposes including the storage of military equipment, as powder magazines, as communication nerve centres, for research, as car repair workshops and more recently, as ateliers for artists and local business.

When we received the keys in March, the space was a mess and clearly neglected for years. Used for storage, it was packed with random stuff, from the floor to the ceiling.There was no electricity, no water, no heating, no toilet and the back window did no longer exist, leaving a large hole of 5x3m. After clearing out the space and several weeks of intense cleaning, we could start building it back up. Step-by-step and learning as we went along, we worked every day for over three months to redevelop the space, using almost entirely abandoned materials that we found on-site. This allowed us to prove our own concept and saving quite a bit on material expenses too.

In this space we have created our first art series and hand-made frames from reclaimed pallet wood and coordinated and organised a first series of activities and events.

We have also started the first stages of the renovation of a second and bordering casemate that we are planning on using for the organisation of events, use as a (temporary) exposition and co-working space and for the hosting of creative and cultural activities including photo and video-shoots, team-building sessions and workshops. For its further renovation and programmation, we are currently in need of investments.

Dom and Thomas, as co-founders of Recup Paris are your loyal crew on this adventure. You can follow the progress of the development of these spaces on Instagram and on this website.