Recup Paris | Services
Recup Paris is a mission-driven business operating at the intersection of sustainability and culture. Join us in transforming an old military fortress and other urban spaces into sustainability driven creative and cultural hotspots.
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We offer various services, including:


  • Private hire of our spaces (see Spaces & Events)
  • Team-building and creative management workshops
  • Urban Exploration at Fort d’Aubervilliers
  • Event hosting, management and thematic moderation
  • Temporary art exhibitions and artist representation, art and artist promotion
  • Customised stationary (greeting cards, business cards)
  • Consultancy services in the area of sustainability, circular economy, renewable energy, urban regeneration, waste material reuse, spatial programming, building and interior design, art campaigns.


Connect with us for any inquiries.


Art Curation, Event organisation, Programmation of spaces, Recup Services, Workshops