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Recup Paris is a mission-driven business operating at the intersection of sustainability and culture. Join us in transforming an old military fortress and other urban spaces into sustainability driven creative and cultural hotspots.
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Fort d’Aubervilliers

Fort d’Aubervilliers

Recup’s atelier and headquarter is located at fort ate’Aubervilliers. Built between 1843-1846,  to control and defend the strategic “route de Flandre”, the canal of  ‘l’Ourcq’ and Saint-Denis.  This fortress is part of sixteen  fortifications outside the old city walls of Paris. Fort d’Aubervilliers has a pentagonal  shape with five bastions. Six casemates defend the main entry, with posterns on other faces. There are two sets of thirteen casemates on the side facing the front. Two original powder magazines were superseded by newer, better-protected magazines in 1874.

Between the late 19th century and 1970 the fortress has been used by the French military, for various purposes. During the 1920’s and 1930’s, scientific research on radioactivity was conducted by, among other scientists, Philippe and Irène Joliot-Curie. From June 1940 until August 1944, the German army occupied fort d’Aubervilliers.

Since WWII the fortress has gradually lost its military function. For over thirty years and until a few years back, the site was used as a scrapyard and car mechanics workshop. More recently, the fortress has become the (temporary) home to various artists and small business, until the area will be further redeveloped. The site is owned by Grand Paris Amenagement and stretches 36 ha. The site will be developed into an ‘Eco-quartier’ combining living with leisure, while maintaining the historical characteristics and open spaces of the site, including the bunkers and the two larger hangars.

Fort d’Aubervilliers is well connected to the city of Paris via the close-by located metro station (that carries the same name) and due to its proximity to the Périphérique (400 m).

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