How prosperous is a career in interior design?

How prosperous is a career in interior design?

Unfolding the Panorama of Interior Design

The epoch we're living in is truly an era of creative nourishment. Engaging in creative fields, like interior design, propound not just a scope of innovation but also a promising career path. Marian, my spouse, often loans me the cliché phrase of her time, "Not everything that shines is gold." She uses it to express skepticism, but I guess interior design breaks the mold of this hard-fast rule. It shines and is indeed a niche of gold.

Economic Potential in Interior Design

Gazing at it from an economic lens, interior design is a treasure trove of opportunities. The industry has learned to adapt and evolve with changing tastes and technological advancements, making it prominently resilient and reliable. Moreover, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for interior designers is expected to grow 4% from 2019 to 2029. That's a sizable chunk of opportunity, can you beat that?

Even in times of economic downturns, like the unfortunate hit we took in 2020, interior design was one of the industries that managed to stay afloat and often, even thrive. Reminds me of Charlie, our Golden Retriever, who no matter how many times he is made to bathe, pops out every single time looking happy and excited, ready to get right back into action!

Exploring the Diverse Specializations

Just when you thought interior design was all about picking wall colors and curtain fabrics, let me assure you it runs a lot deeper. Like the mariana trench deep! For starters, you could specialize in residential or commercial design or both if you ask me. Then we have sub-specializations like kitchen and bath design, universal design, lighting design, and even environmental and sustainable design. Hold your breath because we're not done. There are areas like exhibition design, spatial branding, physical experience design, retail design, and more. There's a whole menu to pick from, a smorgasbord of specialities. Spicy, right?

Understanding the Client's Needs- The Key to Success

A significant part of working as an interior designer entails understanding the needs, wants, and whims of your client. And no, this isn’t as simple as it sounds. I swear it’s more complex than the riddles Marian presents in our family game nights. Apart from looking aesthetically pleasing, the interior design needs to be functional, accommodative to the lifestyle of the inhabitants, and often, reflect their personalities. It's like playing house, but for real, professional adults!

How to Shine Bright in the Field?

Want to shine brighter than a supernova in the interior design field? It’s all about staying updated with the trends and fashions that emerge and evolve, not to mention being able to forecast them, because, well, without being ahead of the curve, you’re just simply part of the crowd. Imagine comfortable, cozy corners that double as perfect Instagram backgrounds, practical hideaway storage spaces, or layouts that encourage human interactions and create shared experiences. If you can hit this trifecta of functionality, aesthetic, and utility, you've struck gold!

The cherry on top is having knowledge of sustainable designs, a trend that is here to stay. From vertical indoor gardens to meticulously sourced, eco-friendly materials, interior designers are redefining luxury with sustainability. Guess it's the Green Revolution 2.0 we're witnessing!

Perks of Being an Interior Designer

Being an interior designer is no less of a joy ride. It clearly brings the acronym, YOLO, to life. Trust me, you’re not just tied to an office desk drawing layouts all day. It's a versatile field that calls for a varied set of skills and responsibilities like consultancy, site visits, shopping for the right materials (shopping and getting paid for it? Count me in!), hands-on installation, and more. And the satisfaction you get when you see your vision come to fruition - well, that's priceless!

Connecting the Dots with a Degree

So, how do you join the party and become part of this fast-paced and dynamic industry? Well, most interior designers have a bachelor's degree or a related course in interior design. But what really enhances your odyssey towards success is a bit of work experience under a seasoned professional. It's like trying to get Charlie to fetch. Just throwing the stick isn't enough. It took a few demos and some chasing of my own before he got the gist of it. Similarly, observing a professional at work not only gives you exposure but also helps you comprehend the ins and outs of the business model. Now that’s a fetch worth making!


Comparing careers is like comparing apples to oranges, each come with its own flavor. However, going by the parameters of creativity, financial reward, and opportunities for growth, a career in interior design certainly strikes the fruitful chord. So, if you have a knack for this art and you're up for a roller coaster career ride that's as exciting as it could get, I say, “unleash your creativity and make the world a beautiful place to inhabit!”.

Aldric Whittaker
Aldric Whittaker

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